FTDJ smash Will's Mum 50th!

Will's Mum turned 50 during the week and had a HUGE party to celebrate, which was held at The Olive Branch in Horsham, West Sussex. Ali (Will's Mum) had a her heart set on FTDJ - Will being a crucial member of the band - playing at her party to monument the occasion and boy did they absolutely nail the vibe. Friends of Ali from far and wide filled that dance floor all night and were showing off their moves. All the band were rocking, Chris the front man was shimmying from left to right, it was all going on. The Olive Branch was such a fantastic venue for the occasion with their amazing staff keeping the party fuelled and on top form. Looking back on the night, it couldn't have gone any better. FTDJ smash yet another party. Now on to the next one!

#FTDJ #forgetthedj #TheOliveBranch #Horsham #LiveMusic

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